The ONLY complete guide to Xinjiang for travelers.

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I’ve traveled to Xinjiang before, and not only did this guide square with my experiences in the places I visited, it added a lot of information that I wish I’d known at the time.”.

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What People Are Saying:

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    Dr. Jessie Voigts

    I'd say it is one of the very best intercultural resources I've ever seen, especially for a culture (and location) that few know about.

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    Chris Walker-Bush

    Going far beyond simple travel info; Josh provides comprehensive, up to date coverage of all cultural, political, and tourism related news out of Xinjiang.

  • Charlie Mosely

    When I recently went to Xinjiang, Josh at FarWestChina was virtually my only source of information. He is, without question, the ultimate authority on Xinjiang.

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Why choose this over Lonely Planet?

  1. Up-to-date: Don't get stuck using information that is years old. The FarWestChina guide is updated with 2018 information including pricing and transportation timetables.
  2. Incredible Maps: Maps of Urumqi, Turpan, Kashgar, Altay and more offer more detail and traveler-specific information than any other map available. Hands down the best.
  3. Tips from an Expert: This travel guide wasn't written by a travel writer who only spent a couple days in each city. The author has lived in Xinjiang since 2006 and is a respected authority.
  4. Bonus Features: The purchase of this guide includes free bonus features you won't find anywhere else including downloadable maps, exclusive discount codes and more!

About Josh Summers

Josh first moved to Xinjiang in 2006, where he completely fell in love with the region and its people. With his wife, a map and a motorcycle, they ventured off to explore the far western region of China.

Josh has been writing about Xinjiang for almost a decade now, most notably on his site FarWestChina started as a simple blog but has grown to become the most trusted English-language resource on the Xinjiang region.

The site has been featured on numerous international publications including the BBC, CNBC, The New Yorker and many more. It has won numerous awards and is one of the most highly-respected regional blogs in all of China.
Josh now lives with his wife and 3 year old son in the Xinjiang capital of Urumqi where he continues to study, travel and attempt to start a business.

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